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In fact, lots of parents may become enraged at the slightest suggestion that they are drinking too much. A person in denial refuses to believe the truth about a situation.

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Alcohol can affect people's health and also how they act.

People who are drunk might be more aggressive or have mood swings. Without professional help, a person with alcoholism will probably continue to drink and may even become worse over time. Some people are more susceptible to wanting to drink too much.

Anthony is in bed when he hears the front door slam.

He covers his head with his pillow so he doesn't have to listen to the sound of his parents arguing.

Anthony knows that his mother has been drinking again.

He starts worrying about getting to school on time and realizes he will probably have to help get his younger sister ready too.

Lots of people live with a parent or caregiver who is an or who drinks too much.

Alcoholism has been around for centuries, yet no one has discovered an easy way to prevent it.

Older kids may have to take care of younger siblings.

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