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My husband and I had an hour long massage (only U. a piece), and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience! It does require a cab ride, but then you can also shop in Puerto Morelos too and make a day of it.

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But, you can go out for a long way before you reach neck deep. But here at Secrets Siilversands, the swim out rooms are like this - room, patio, then a foot of lawn, then the edge of the pool. All first floor rooms have a patio that is in front of the pool.

You can definitely swim at the beach, you just need to go out beyond the first 15 feet, because there is some seaweed by the coast and some rocks. (I really didn't hear any other complaints)I have seen other resorts' swim outs to be the pool water coming up into your staircase out of the patio so you can simply step into the water from your patio.

The beach wasn't the best but it probably would have been better if the sea was calmer. With that said what the beach lacked was more than made up by the pools and overall service. you must take a walk to the South for about 1/2 a mile past a dog that might bite your head off unless you are willing to sink you body into the disgusting water in front of the house that has this dog...avoid this review. The beach was actually the only common complaint I overheard.

Charlie and Miguel were very nice and entertaining. If I had to rate the pools and beaches separately the beach would get a one and the pools would get a five. I woudn't recommend do so at the resort we stayed at. We did visit resorts closer to Cancun where the beaches were beautiful and .cannot swim at this beach.

The entertainment staff was lots of fun and there were fun activities all day.

I found that if i didn't want to wait for one restaurant, i'd go next door and find one that was seating right away. The restaurants outdoor are better off as lunch options. Of all the restaurants you need reservations for only one of them.

Picture this: white boxy, clean architecture that rises before you. You can just walk in and sit at a regular table without a reservation.

Behind you, a purr of waves - pure aqua, crystal clear water that is hugged by pillowy, perfect sand. Then, as you turn around to take in this view of heaven, you feel a soft breeze. Be advised that men must wear collared shirts and pants for, they don't take any reservations at the restaurant but the wait usually wasn't long. If you go and they don't have a table open, they will give you a "buzzer" just like if you went to a nice restaurant in the US. We went to the lobby bar to get a drink and had a table within 10-15mins.

This is the Japanese restaurant, and you only need reservations if you want to sit at the Benny Hana style table where they do the knife flipping and special food presentation.

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