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What many don't see is that for many transgender people the act of "coming out" and transitioning means to realize the loss of everyone and everything achieved in life, knowing you cannot go on living a lie.

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My son responded to me that even though I transitioned, and he accepts me completely, there are still so many things about transgender people that he does not understand. My name is Grace Anne Stevens, and even one decade ago, I did not have the words to understand all the deep feelings inside of me that kept fighting the outward "reality" that I was a man.

I was in my mid-50s, and had three adult children trying to figure out their own lives, while I -- the loving and supportive father, was battling a personal turmoil that no one could see.

He said he had heard the guys on the radio talking about the latest stories about Bruce Jenner possibly transitioning genders at the age of 65.

He said that, normally, he would have ignored it, except for the fact that I, his father, am a transgender woman.

I no longer work full-time in the engineering field.

I now work as a mental health clinician in a substance abuse clinic.

In our culture, the typical norm is: sex = gender = sexual orientation.

When one is young and realizes their sense of self does not fit the norm, they often go in to hiding, and they find ways to overcompensate to keep their "secret." The fear of not belonging and abandonment overshadow the inner need to be authentic.

I was divorced and on my own after 25 years of marriage, and at the age of 58, returned to school to get my master's degree in Counseling Psychology.

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