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Ron Hubbard's followers of having an avid interest in black magic.

I would like to put firmly on record that whatever interest I have is related entirely to achieving a better understanding of the creator of Dianetics and Scientology.

At the time, I had no idea who or what "the Empress" might be.

Later, I noticed that in an article printed immediately prior to the book Dianetics, Hubbard had openly admitted to his use of "automatic writing, speaking and clairvoyance" (015).

Other possible links between Hubbard's thought and that of the Nazis will be made clear later in this paper.

Scientology seems to be a hybrid of science-fiction and magic.

For example, Hubbard's "Reactive Mind" obviously derives from Freud's "Unconscious".

The notion that this mind thinks in identities comes from Korzybski's General Semantics.However, Hubbard was notorious for his sly humour and "scio" might also refer to the Greek word for a "shade" or "ghost".Scientology itself had already been used at the turn of the century to mean "pseudo-science" and in something close to Hubbard's meaning in 1934 by one of the proponents of Aryan racial theory (012).Initially, before deciding that he was the sole source of Dianetics and Scientology (003), Hubbard acknowledged his debt to these thinkers (004).Dianetics bears marked similarities to work reported by American psychiatrists Grinker and Spiegel (005) and English psychiatrist William Sargant (006).It is impossible to arrive at an understanding of Scientology without taking into account its creator's extensive involvement with magic.

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