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Ucker and Dul kiss, only to get interrupted when Chris comes in and talks about Ucker's new love interest, causing Dul to get angry and leave the room.

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So on, to the subway, she finds Christopher and Alfonso to wall up Maite in order for her to quickly change clothes.

A new scene starts at the end of the chorus, showing Maite and Christian flirting, and then, Dulce María, Anahí and Maite tanning at the beach, and Christopher and Alfonso walking on the beach.

RBD and the producer, Pedro Damián, have stated that this sitcom is fictional and not really based on the real lives of the members of RBD.

The characters of the sitcom are not similar to the soap opera Rebelde but are similar to the real people of RBD.

Poncho and Fabiola give each other their farewells and break up.

Axel and Tony break up with Annie after they realize she was playing with both of them.

Soon, the girls' apartment looks as if a tornado has just struck and it drives the three crazy.

Meanwhile, Dul treats Ucker even more deceptional as she has before and at the end Ucker learns the reason why.

Chris tells Ucker and Annie that he saw Fabiola cheating on Poncho. All four pressure Chris to tell Poncho the truth about Fabiola.

In the end, Chris is forced by all his friends to tell Poncho the truth.

"Empezar Desde Cero" (English: "Begin From Zero") is a song recorded by Mexican pop group RBD for their fourth Spanish studio album, Empezar Desde Cero (2007).

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