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Lieutenant Commander Andrew James "Andy" Baldwin, USN (born February 5, 1977, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA) is a US Naval Officer, ironman triathlete, humanitarian, and physician.He is best known to the American television audience as the bachelor of the tenth season of the reality dating show The Bachelor dubbed The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman.“One of the main reasons I went on The Bachelor was because my younger brother got married, and it seemed like marriage was what I was supposed to do next.” Boy haven't we all been there?!?! The wind blew through their flowing locks and reality TV trumpets hailed victory.

Greeted by enthusiastic villagers, many of whom had never seen white people before, Andy was immediately moved by the benevolence of the people and a tremendous sense of generosity amidst absolute devastation.

Andy scanned the crowd looking for Cosmas, when his eyes landed on a skinny, sad eyed little boy sitting away from the crowd. He was this little kid, five years old, who walked around eight miles a day to carry a bucket of dirty water back to his village and there were all these people excited about something he couldn’t possibly understand.”Andy had brought Cosmas gifts, but quickly realized that it would take a lot more than a doll and sunglasses to gain his trust.

“My life really all came to a head when I was on TV.

I was on top of the world, with The Bachelor, and I had all this fame, but it was fleeting.

READ MORE Yeah, working out in public outside the Abbey bar in West Hollywood is pretty ridiculous, but damn doesn't former "Bachelor" Lt. READ MORE It was widely reported that former "Bachelor" hunk, Navy Lt.

Andy Baldwin, was doing his patriotic duty by trading his civilian Speedos to fight in Iraq. READ MORE Back from his tour in Iraq, "Bachelor" stud Lt.

“I learned a lot about myself through that whole experience.

I’d done a lot of charity work before, but really the springboard The Bachelor had was powerful.

Having your hands tied and not having the supplies to save a life is crushing.” In 2010 Andy went on a life defining mission to Kenya with Team Worldvision, an organization that brings basic supplies and clean water to children throughout the world. (Of course.)He immediately sponsored a little boy, Cosmas, orphaned by HIV/AIDS, and for around .00 a month provided basic food and water for Cosmas.

Andy headed out with a team of other marathoning do-gooders to visit Cosmas’ remote village of Bartabwa.

Being able to flip it and use it to help others is where I really realized the point of being on TV.” When Andy was in Laos he treated hundreds of children with gastrointestinal worms which robbed them of the basic nutrition they needed to grow and develop.

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