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I mean, to the point that I kinda felt lucky I only wound up with a broken jaw and some badly bruised ribs.

So after that I naturally shied away from women altogether for a little while, and made a conscious effort to stay away from anyone with a boyfriend for even longer.

“I won’t be long,” I said, waving without looking away from my work.

* * * * * “Dammit,” Dove grunted as she came back through the door mere minutes later. ” I asked, tucking my tablet into my backpack as I got ready to leave.

Of course, that all changed when I picked the wrong woman freshman year of college.

Not the woman herself, because she was actually really easy.

When I’d told her I’d recently broken up with girlfriend, she’d even suggested a couple possible blind dates that I passed on. “Okay, I left a key on the table,” Dove announced as she came back into the room wearing a cute little floral print skirt and a white blouse, hair up in a ponytail.

“If you’re trying to wow Ryan, you’re doing a good job of it,” I said, making a show of leering at her. You can give me the key back tomorrow,” Dove said as she opened the door.

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