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One reason he admires “The Road” is that the child teaches the father a thing or two, particularly about compassion."You do learn from your kid, if you're open to it," Mortensen says.

He has one son, Henry, from a while-ago only marriage to pink-haired punk-rock-pioneer Exene Cervenka.

Now a sophomore attending a good college in New York City, Henry has a history-of-punk radio show he deejays. He sort of interacts with people more easily — or he's more interested in doing so.

In “Appaloosa,” Mortensen's a gun for hire, deputy to actor-director Ed Harris's marshal. "They're kind of hard to get to, and I have to say, apart from Auschwitz, I don't think the Polish make it that easy to find them.") In the Mc Carthy book, some nuclear episode has reduced the world to a gray-skied ash heap.

"Sort of like a lethal butler" is how Mortensen sees his character, Everett Hitch. A father and his only son wander the earth as hobos, survivalists trying to avoid a macabre fate as a feast for any of several roving bands of cannibals, Mortensen is saying, revving for book talk just as his tomato-and-mozzarella salad arrives, which he'll eat Indian-style on the hard wood floor.

"You're mostly focusing on not getting stabbed or slashed." Preparing to clip off a murder victim's fingertips as if he were deadheading a rosebush, Nikolai extinguishes his cigarette on his own tongue.

That was Mortensen's idea — and there were multiple takes, so he was obliged to do it over and over again.

The frostbite-blue eyes snap onto mine for a split second.

If the brow is a two-way mirror to the soul, his is cracked in several places by Despair and Inner Torment.

It has always helped that he looks like a Round Table knight; parts abound for the handsome hero-rescuer waving a literal or metaphorical sword.

In the business, he's that worldly poetic soul who can do credible justice to gangland Russian, Sioux, or Elvish dialects. That guy who never kills anyone who doesn't need killing.

"I just think of myself at that age," says Mortensen, who wound up at St. Not that I couldn't; I just wasn't so interested." Though he was born in New York City, the Argentine soccer-fan scarf looped around his neck immediately flags Mortensen's affinity for the great elsewhere — his favorite team (somehow unsurprisingly) is San Lorenzo, by tradition Argentina's underdogs.

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