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Whenever we discuss old school boy bands on, which is a regular occurrence, it seems like O-Town often gets lost in the shuffle.

But since today is the 32nd (whoa) birthday of O-Town’s lead heartthrob, Ashley Parker Angel, I feel like now is the time to really let O-Town shine, and, more specifically, to discuss why was a thing.

"Just time and location didn't work and this deal that came past ... And because it was 10 years, we got to the question, 'Do we not do it at all because we are not five or do we just do it as four? And get this: the album may be a bit reminiscent of their hit song, "Liquid Dreams." Clearly, there is a boy band god. "We know what made us famous was 'Liquid Dreams,' so try to play it up in a clever way. It's going to have a different sort of flare and vibe.

Also, the couple (who are no longer together) named their son Lyric, which is an off-beat celebrity baby name before off-beat celebrity baby names were cool.

Back in the very early 2000's, boy bands were the hot ticket in town.

My goal lately has been to gain muscle (which requires eating a surplus of calories) and shortly I will start a cutting diet that will help me cut the body fat I've gained.

Because most everyone's goal is to lose fat, in the next several posts I'll share with you tips I've learned on how to get lean, trim and lose weight as fast as possible. As for what he's doing now, Ashley Parker Angel has been very busy in front of the camera, with recent projects like "The Dog Lover" and "Amelia's 25th."Talk about a throwback!

It was either all -- or nothing at all -- when O-Town decided to give it another try and reunite after 10 years.

The boy band -- Dan Miller, Erik-Michael Estrada, Jacob Underwood, and Trevor Penick -- broke their decade of silence on Wednesday, dropping their dramatic ballad "Skydive," telling MTV News via Skype that their return to the music scene is both "weird" and "exciting." "We love the song.However, another boy band that took pop culture by storm was none other than O-Town!Photo cred: Getty As you might remember, O-Town was an American boy band that formed after the first season of MTV's hit reality show, "Making the Band." Arguably, the biggest hit of their career, "All or Nothing", could be viewed here on You Tube for your viewing pleasure.We think it's so good, and we had this feeling 'Is it good or is it just us because it's our song? "We had a feeling it was a good song, and today, all those insecurities wondering if people going to like it, and hearing the response, everyone loves it as much as we do." But there's one glaring omission from this reunion: original member Ashley Parker Angel. And the fans, because we had started this about two years ago, and they had been asking.Ashley decided to forgo the reunion, but the guys promise there are no hard feelings. We kind of felt like now was the good time." The boy band, who got their start on "Making The Band," are set to release their brand-new album, on August 3.) and former O-Town member Ashley Parker Angel will star as Glinda and Fiyero, respectively, in the North American tour of Wicked. Louis and Angel will join the production on November 26 in Norfolk, VA. The show follows the tale of green-skinned Elphaba through the life-changing events that eventually label her "wicked." Fun for the whole family, 's Grammy-winning score features songs like "The Wizard and I," "Popular" and "Defying Gravity." Wicked is currently playing at the The Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts in Hartford, CT through November 23.

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