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If you want to create a ‘one-off,’ then design, print, and go.

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Now, 3D printers are affordable, they print in a variety of materials, like wood, plastic, and metal; and they are getting faster every year.

Everything from cookie cutters to jet engines are printed with 3D printers.

The technology is open source, so it can be very inexpensive to get started.” It is innovative technology that enables manufacturing processes to operate more efficiently for companies, and that, Mc Tavish explains, carries benefits, including “improved resource allocation, time and money savings in product development, and business diversification.” “Whether you are outsourcing the technology or buying equipment for DIY, do your due diligence,” Mc Tavish stresses. You can use 3D technology at the local library for free, or you can approach a company, such as Drader, that has plastic part designers and engineers.

The results will be drastically different.” Bryce Borgel, principal and lead designer, Titan Innovative Designs, agrees that 3D technology has numerous benefits, but he is also noticing a big difference when it comes to the way 3D technologies are interacting with the design industry.

After work, I can sit down with a friend and defuse a virtual bomb for fun.

I can train my staff on a dangerous task by having them practice first in a virtual world before real lives and assets are at risk. Right now, the Oculus and other VR stores are in their infancy, like the App Store was in 20.

A small 3D printing company in a more rural community can provide custom parts for the locals, saving them money and time on their projects.

“While 3D printing has been around since the 80s, until recently the machines were expensive, big, slow, and printed plastic only.

“3D printing allows a design concept to be realized in a very short period of time.

Companies can look at their idea in a solid form without committing capital into production molds and equipment.

It’s no secret that energy is Alberta’s economy-driving industry, but as the dust settles on the latest recession and the energy industry begins to build itself back up, another industry is showing its economy-building potential in Edmonton: 3D technology.

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