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Iran hopes 100,000 marriages will occur thanks to the website in the next year.The Iranian government applies strict Sharia law, and dating in the nation’s capital Tehran is a risky venture.A woman walking openly in the streets with a man who is not related to her could easily attract the attention of police officials.

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Fortunately, since online dating has become so popular, you can now easily find specific Iranian dating sites geared toward you no matter what country you are currently in.

Now that you are aware you can search under specific nationality criteria for a potential match, we also want to remind you that dating online is so much safer than meeting someone in a bar or by other means.

No more plans that could include sitting with someone you know you do not want to see again after that night, stumbling through a meal and perhaps and overlong movie, using up your entire day with a person that just doesn’t fit your criteria.

But chatting online, you can make your own pace with the people you find interesting.

"There are many people who are single, and when that happens it means no families and no children," he said.“This is not a dating website,” Mr. "Intermediaries and people who are trusted by people and families" are going to do the matchmaking, reported the Iranian Student News agency, ISNA.

Applicants will submit their detailed personal information to the site and then matchmakers will find the best fit for them, he explained.

On this page you'll find all the available iran dating sites.

The 1 dating sites listed in this category have been personally picked and reviewed by our staff and users, with Iranian Singles Connection being our current top pick. With our growing technology and use of online social sites and mobile devices, it is only natural for more people to turn to the internet to find people for friendship, dating, or potentially “the one.” Since there are so many ‘Personals’ sites and dating websites, the thought of going through so much individual posted ads can sound daunting.

Online dating also allows you to meet more people than you could in just day-to-day ordinary life.

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