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I know who I am, I know what motivates me, what makes me tick, and I GENUINELY like who I am.

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I am definitely not some performing seal, I am in control ALL the time.

Many have heard me note, "The more out of control I seem, the more in control I am." You see, it's not what you do, it's how you do it. I think it is most enjoyable because pretty much everyone around sees just how much fun I am having and laughs WITH me, not at me.

It never ceases to provide me with constant amusement how people have so much fun in watching me just do crazy shit for my own entertainment.

I don't TRY to do things, and I don't do them because of some inherent ego need, or because I need the attention, I do it because it is fucking fun.

She looked at me and turned to the guy and said, "Oooo, I like him" and then turned to me and said "How much for you as well? Without gory details (which got pretty gory let me tell you), the first time I go to fuck Jasmin I was 16 1/2, was paid $60 (after house cut of course, which In had to pay), and I dated Jasmin for 3 months. ), there are many things I have done ofn which I am less than proud. They were clueless and fucked up doing shit they had no clue about. So there I was, broke as a fuck, blank mind, no future, feeling sorry as fuck for myself. I was the goddamn national Postmaster General !!!!!!!

Let's just make it clear that the people I worked for were not in the traditional businesses of finance and lending, or supply and demand. I did short jail time as a result of an incident gone wrong during this time, when a refused bail application just before an Easter weekend (thanks to my brief fucking up the application, which was pro fucking forma !! I've done watchhouse overnights before and many since, but this was the real deal. After I went "on the straight and narrow" I worked for the Government for a long time (I actually worked for them on and off in between a lot of early shit) and whilst there I started my own management consultancy (amongst other things !! One thing led to another, I left the Civil Service and BOOM, I expanded from a 2 man consultancy practice with a business partner, turning over about 0k per year in the first year, to that company, an IT Business Solutions Company, a PC and software supply company, a magazine publishing company and a letterbox distribution company within 2 years, turning over mil year. I was living large and the high life and fast lane was where I remained firmly for quite some time. So I come back, refreshed and literally a new man and then hit a 6 month battle trying to hold everything together. August 1998, I had .78 in the bank and I owed 0000 plus change and owned the clothes I had in 2 bags. The creditors were calling, they were visiting, they were writing, but you can't get blood out of a stone. They interviewed me on the phone, the phone at the Nurse's station of the rehab facility no less, and yes, they gave me the job. OK, it was of a small island in the South Pacific 40 square kilometres, population 1800. Once a month the ship came in with all the parcel post and the dumptruck would literally dump 100 mail bags at the back door of the Post Office for us to sort.I get just as much, if not more out of it than those around me.The ability and gumption to do and say the things that many in life wish they could do or say is truly a gift that I treasure.that'd be a hoot It will take a pretty amazing person to catch and keep me, that much I will say. Learn the rules, pass a test, do a practical test and Bob's your uncle. Well there was this reasonably new girl, "Jasmin", who started at the brothel I worked out of when I had been working there for about 4 months, who was only 3-4 years older than me, and let me tell you, I could change my column shift 3-speed manual Holden with my cock it was that hard everytime I was around her...The better question would have been: "What Makes a 13 Year Old Boy Want to Umpire Cricket Instead Of Play ? The origins of "Curious Boy Toy" was way back then, because at 16 there were a NUMBER of the working girls who had been around the block for a while who liked to take the "young fella" under their wing..... Unlike the older girls, Jasmin was still fresh and relatively innocent, and an absolute knockout.These days I do because I can - I give of myself and my energy freely, to those who deserve...

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