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but the bunnies will die if you do not press the food button.Every generation lasts 18 seconds, each bunny lasts for 3 generations. A few years ago in a science class I took we had to look at this simulation.

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It includes five date-able characters along with several side characters that make this dating sim a wonderful and absolutely adorable game.

Heejung Kim wakes up one morning from her busy life to see a basket full of cats and rabbits in her room.

I see this toon as a very cleaver way of getting to young people, it has everything it needs, fun, secrets, love, jalousy, intrigue are its perfect reflexion :).

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You can go up or down, depending on the choices you take, the plays you make. unpredictable, and unfair -- but very good funfair. But yeah I know I am so hot that I attract even men attention.

To play the full game go to Its possible to date Steph? lol I played the game on the site and it was so funny to play as a psycho girlfriend destroying his clothes and tell him I was gonna kill him or her lol.

(you cannot modify the "friend"'s genes)Once you click "Add a friend" you cannot modify the color of the bunnies' fur.

You can click the different options but they will not work on them.

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