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Since then, his mother, a business owner in Phnom Penh, has visited him in Long Beach sporadically throughout the years.

Yet many areas of Kem’s life have improved thanks to DACA.

Some immigrants feared that the mark, which states “Federal Limits Apply,” may lead to profiling.“I can commute wherever I want, whenever I want,” said Kem, who doesn’t bug his friends for rides anymore. “Especially when you’re in the dating stage, I don’t really tell people, ‘Hey, I’m undocumented.’”It’s the same stigma that keeps many Asian-Pacific Islander (API) youth from applying to DACA, Kem says.

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-- Two years ago, everything seemed to fall into place for Chando Kem, from his mental state to his work and love life.

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Alexandra Chando has been luckier than her former Oakdale alter ego.

Deportation was always at the back of his mind.“My whole life got better,” said Kem, laughing, after he qualified for the program in February 2013. I’m not going to be deported.”Since it was launched by President Obama in 2012, DACA has benefitted the lives of over 680,000 people like Kem so far, according to U. Kem used to work as a wedding server at a Long Beach restaurant, juggling school part-time. Now that he has a work permit through DACA, Kem was able to find a job that he loves. “I want to reach the undocumented kids that feel shy,” he said.

He often served during breaks and was not paid the overtime hours he performed. Free from deportation, and with a better job, dates on the bus are also no more: Kem has a driver’s license, and it does not have the distinguishing mark that AB 60 licenses have.

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