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At the beginning of my final year in High School the school had finally given up on all hope and kicked me out, but my teachers gave me the opportunity to go back and sit my GCSEs.

I’m quite an intelligent girl and for the first few years of high school i was predicted amazing grades, but when I got kicked out most of the teachers told me I would fail.

Rest assured that we will always make sure that we are not down for any significant time.

Growing up I was far from an angel, I got into a lot of trouble with the police, I was constantly getting kicked out of school for all sorts of stupid things from fighting and arguing with teachers to smoking and smashing things up. Arguments with my mother turned into a regular routine of stress and worry, I felt that I didn’t belong anywhere.

For a few years I was set on joining the army until my hopes were crushed when they refused me due to my anger problems.

I didn’t really have anything to fall back onto, no back-up plan, no second choice.Explicit and sexual content is encouraged to be held in private chat only.Gays, lesbians and singles are more than welcome to participate.I wanted to prove them wrong and I knew that if I set my mind to it I could do it.So that’s what I did I set my mind on it and stayed in constantly revising.My head was all over the place, we were so close and when I lost her it was like losing a limb.

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