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But it’s not easy, and there’s no right or wrong way to do it because every relationship is different and every woman likes different things. "I love when in the middle of sex, a man just looks my body up and down and tells me I’m sexy. "Whatever we are doing, nothing makes a girl feel better than hearing that her man wants to keep doing it.There’s a fine line between dirty talk and disgusting talk, and it’s hard to find a balance. Don’t refer to my lady parts as “cunt.” Words like that are jarring. It strokes my ego, makes my feel all tingly, and immediately makes me want to do something to make him feel the same way." 3. "Once I was having sex with an ex and he was having trouble climaxing, and I asked, 'Are you okay? It was so rude and seemed like he could have been having sex with a blow-up doll and been just as satisfied. It means he’s satisfied, and as long as I like it too, it will make me want to keep going." 5. "No matter how sexy you try to make it sound, if we don’t know each other that well, I will not want to 'rawdog this' with you.You might find it easier with a water soluble lubricant such as Astroglide or a moisturiser such as Replens. Use the dilator more often if you feel it is getting tighter. Stop using the dilator and contact your doctor or nurse if you have either of these effects.

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Going into an early menopause can be very upsetting.

It can help to talk over your fears and worries with your partner or a friend.

Your doctor, nurse or radiographer will explain how to use the dilators.

It can become difficult to have sex comfortably after your treatment if you don't use the dilators.

So the ovaries stop producing eggs and the female sex hormones.

Radiotherapy also affects the womb, so that it is not possible to have children afterwards.All around, sex is about the connection between people and when names are being exchanged it really supports the idea that we are in the moment together." 9. "The words penis and vagina were meant for the doctor's office, not the bedroom. If I wanted to get intimate with my doctor, I’d go to my gynecologist." 10. "Girls love being complimented, but if you just say, 'You’re so hot/sexy/beautiful' over and over again, it will lose its meaning and we will just think you have nothing more to say. Some radiotherapy treatments can affect your fertility and sex life. Radiotherapy to the lower part of the abdomen in premenopausal women usually causes the menopause.If you’d like me to do something differently, just suggest something else, don’t tell me I’m doing it wrong/badly." 8. "It shows that he is present and in the moment, and it makes me feel like I’m not just any other girl.It's hot, especially when he says my name in my ear while he tells me how good it feels.Radiotherapy to the lower abdomen or pelvis can make the tissues in the vagina stiffer and less stretchy over time. It can make the vagina narrower and shorter, which can affect your sex life and make it more difficult to have vaginal examinations.

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