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It also deleted the show's page from the official VH1 website and dropped reruns of past shows from its schedule.

It removed the show's archived episodes from the i Tunes Store and cable video on demand services, leading to speculation that the show would never air again.

However, since Collective Intelligence doesn't perform background checks outside the United States, it outsourced the vetting of Jenkins to a Canadian firm, Straightline International.

In 2009, Collective Intelligence sued Straightline for breach of contract.

However, there were no court records of an annulment in either Nevada, where the couple was married, or in Los Angeles County, where they'd most recently lived.

According to Buena Park police, Fiore's teeth and fingers had been removed before her nude body was stuffed into the suitcase. Authorities believe the mutilation was an attempt to impede identification.On Monday, August 17, when contacted by police, Jenkins said he was in Utah, and was headed to Canada to resolve some immigration issues. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) did confirm they had boats patrolling northwest Washington waters looking for Jenkins as early as Wednesday, August 19.The Whatcom County Sheriff's Department received witness reports of Jenkins' black BMW SUV towing a boat towards the Canada–US border. Jenkins stayed in the car while a young woman paid cash for three nights' accommodation.On August 18, her remains were identified Jenkins told police that he last saw Fiore about p.m.August 14 at their home on Edinburgh Avenue, Los Angeles.Two days later – March 18, 2009 – the pair married at The Little White Wedding Chapel on the Las Vegas Strip.

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