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They have proved a lot of professionalism, good prices, and I've had a really good communication with them. Unlike our competitors, our chat agents behave like humans, not bots.

Every time a customer submits a question when you’re not there, Chatra stores their email to use in your future marketing efforts.

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We’ll help you to increase the number of signups you get each day. Every time a prospect submits a question when you’re not there, Chatra stores their email address for you to get back to them and for use in your future marketing efforts. Chatra is the perfect tool to show you are accessible, both on your website and in app.

Email is still the best lead nurturing channel out there. An auto-message like “Hey, can we help you with anything?

In fact, 72% of consumers prefer to receive communication via email. Over 68% of shopping carts never make it to check out.

A simple, automatic message asking “Hey, can we help you with anything?

Absolutely amazing app that looks beautiful on your site and is easy to set up.

Within 12 hours of installation, I had a customer chat that turned into a conversion. " We have been using Desk Moz over a year and a half. Our agents are trained to get the visitors’ contact details without sounding like bots.Overall, Desk Moz has done very good job in covering our live chat 24/7. Each one of them (agents) is recruited after proper screening which includes IQ Test, Grammar Test, Typing Speed Test, Chat-Skills Test & Personal Interview.You can switch in an instant — start a conversation in your browser then grab your i Phone to continue on the go. Terrific options for when/where you want the chat window to pop up so as not to drive your customers away, but help them when they may be “on the fence” or need assistance (like that all-important check out page.) Also, options for personalized messages, design, etc. Chatra is helping me punch above my weight in sales and marketing by engaging website visitors in a whole new way.I would recommend Chatra to anyone who is interested in taking their online presence to a new level with chat functionality.Besides, the more website traffic you have already, the more you can make out of it with a little help from Chatra. Chatra even lets us create automated messages based on certain conditions — ex.

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