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New York-based photographer Debi Cornwall has documented the day-to-day lives of military personnel and their families living in Guantanamo Bay in a new photo exhibit.

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Shocked, she told her husband what happened and he confronted the hotelier, spitting gum in his face and then leaving promptly.

It happened hours after the London premiere of Horrible Bosses 2 and Jennifer Anniston, Bateman's co-star, was present in the hotel at the time.

Anka, 48, was wearing a red leather dress at the time and had been hesitant but he insisted, they said.

As she climbed up it, he stuck his hand up it and 'grabbed her crotch', they claimed.

The premiere was set to take place on Thursday night but was canned when details of the Times story about the comedian, who has been accused of sexual misconduct in the past, began to surface.

Jelani Maraj, 38, now faces up to life in prison after being convicted of sexually assaulting his stepdaughter on Long Island when the girl was 11 years old.

Pictured: Hernandez's brain (top right) compared to that of a healthy 27-year-old (top left).

Madeline Marx, 23, was arrested at Kettering Fairmont High School in Ohio on Wednesday after she was accused of having a sexual relationship with at least two students.

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