Cherry blossom dating and romance

Montreal's Chinatown is just a hop, skip, and a step away. And, although it's kind of different from the majority of spots on this list, in that you can't exactly admire the beauty up-close, it's still a super solid spot to take a date - especially if they love the hustle and bustle of Downtown Montreal.

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), L'Île de la Visitation is basically a huge nature park/island.

It borders the Rivière des Prairies, and there are rapids, gorgeous waterfront views, and places to bike/jog/walk/picnic throughout.

Mainly situated around Parc Jean-Drapeau's L'Homme statue, facing the water, this also happens to be a super romantic spot for you and your date to admire the scenery and enjoy a super cute picnic. A beautiful greenspace with an overall calm, chill vibe, there's (almost) nothing you and your date can't do here.

Which, of course, includes admiring some cherry blossoms.

4101 Rue Sherbrooke EProbably the quintessential Montreal spot to see nature in all of its beauty, the Montreal Botanical Gardens have your back if you're looking to take your date to admire some cherry/magnolia/crabapple blossoms.

(Protip: the Botanical Gardens even have their own O-hanami picnics under the trees, in case you and bae are down to get super romantic).

But the best part about the Quartier Des Spectacles?

The pretty cherry blossoms growing in the area; so, the next time you and your date are making beautiful, swinging music, you can also gaze upon the beautiful, pink cherry blossoms in bloom with bae.

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