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When they started, he had braces, bizarre dreds and usually stayed in the background to let the prettier ones (read: Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez and Lance Bass)—and on the rare occasion that he got solos, like in "I Drive Myself Crazy," he proved he could sing his behind off.

Everyone had a favorite member of ' NSYNC, but let's be real: Chris Kirkpatrick was probably the biggest underdog in the boy band.

– He left a note for the mailman: "Please call 911 – tell them to go to red barn building."There, officers found the body of Christopher Kirkpatrick, a 38-year-old clinical psychologist who had shot himself in the head after being fired from the Tomah Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

He told his brother some of his patients appeared to be overly medicated by other health care providers at Tomah, and it was preventing him from treating them.

It also went against the alternative approach to treatment he preferred.

Kirkpatrick was cautioned about engaging in any further criticisms of the PA, advised to focus on his own work, and counseled that he should avoid advising on medications as it is not in his scope of practice," the reprimand stated.

Afterward, a union representative who had represented him at the meeting said in an email to Kirkpatrick the punishment should not have happened, but she advised him to stick it out."Try to carry on in your per-usual professional manner and know this, Chris – there is a lot going on here," wrote Lin Ellinghuysen, head of the American Federation of Government Employees Local 0007 who wrote detailed notes about every encounter she had with Kirkpatrick.

The work was tough and stressful, and he still had much to learn.

During his 90-day performance review, a supervisor cautioned that he had been late for group-counseling sessions and that had to stop.

In an email to Ellinghuysen, he suggested he had been scared silent."I'm still really concerned about things but will keep my head down and hope for the best," he wrote.

A VA investigation -- triggered earlier this year by the revelation that a veteran died at Tomah last August from "mixed drug toxicity" -- found Kirkpatrick's concerns had been warranted.

In early 2009, Kirkpatrick brought up the issue at a meeting about patient care with a team of providers.

Instead of considering or addressing the concerns, a physician assistant who was at the meeting and had prescribed medications to some of Kirkpatrick's patients complained to the facility's chief of staff, Dr. In April 2009, Kirkpatrick was called to a disciplinary meeting and given a written reprimand."Dr.

Kirkpatrick later said he had to learn how to cut off appointments with other patients to be on time for groups, according to detailed notes taken by a union representative who heard him."I would be coming to a point in psychotherapy where a traumatized patient was opening up and I couldn't break off the session until after processing," he said, according to the notes.

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