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"I'm like, 'I wish that was the case.' And then I got a phone call the same day asking if we broke up." On last week's episode, Milian acknowledged that Weezy cheated on her.

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If you have to force it, it's probably s--t." Bravo, Lizzy! Danielle tells her family the truth about the complications with her pregnancy: At dinner, Danielle informs her family of the seriousness of her baby's condition. You don't see me walking around here talking to nobody.

"I know that you guys want to be really positive," she says. "I don't know that f--king bitch." Lizzy's temper escalates when she sees Dom pour a woman a drink in their VIP section, and she walks over to confront him. Richard teaches Dom an important lesson: During a boys' outing with Richard, Dom explains the misunderstanding with Lizzy at the club and swears he wasn't flirting with the girl. I'm talking to you [and] my eyes are on you because I know somehow my wife is in this building! But despite Lizzy's outburst at his birthday party, Dom tells Richard he believes she is 7.

"So, does this officially make you two back together [or] on a break? Richard explodes during Danielle's pregnancy photo shoot: Danielle decides to do a magazine spread to commemorate her pregnancy.

"If this is all I have with my son, I want to have evidence of it," she says.

It’s no secret that Christina Milian and Lil Wayne’s relationship has been off more than it’s been on. "I've never loved anyone the way that I love him.”“I've never had anyone understand me the way that he has,” she added through her tears. The 34-year-old, who was once married and divorced hitmaker The-Dream, is still optimistic on finding true love again."Sometimes you just gotta let go of things and let them happen.

Well, it’s official; Milian and Weezy have called it quits and now we're finding out the real reason for their split. 10)episode of , the R&B singer revealed to her viewers that she broke up with Tunechi after she found an Instagram photo featuring a woman posing in the rapper's house wearing booty shorts and a sports bra. She takes him inside the house so they can talk without distracting Danielle. " As the conversation gets more intense, Richard leaves the house.In the kitchen, all of Richard's emotions surface, and he tells Carmen and Christina that they don't understand what he's going through. When Danielle hears all the commotion, she comes inside to find out what's going on. it's such a really big deal, it's the worst it's ever gotten before." While the two might not be dating anymore, they recently shot the music video for their "Do It" collaboration.So, this isn't the last we've seen of these two artists together -- even if it isn't always romantic.In Tuesday's episode, Milian says she wished for a Lil Weezy proposal.

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