Company policy on employee dating

email us or call us at 610-443-0119 to discuss how my HR Direct Link services can help.Oregon Health Plan (OHP) members must update their information to make sure they still qualify for health coverage.But precisely what information is available for employees through JCPenney

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Guidelines shouldn’t be prescriptive but provide a framework of things to consider before a person makes a decision.

If you look around your place of work, you might even see some evidence of that.

Like it or not, workplace romances spring up all the time.

Last year for Valentine’s Day, we brought you “The 10 Greatest Office Romances of the Big & Small Screen”.

That was a fun look at fictional stories of dating in the workplace. To do so, we checked out the interesting findings of the published last September by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

The results include statistics from a poll of HR professionals from a randomly selected sample of SHRM’s membership.

In addition to this, JCPenney employees can use JCPenney Power Line to apply for retirement and its benefits, report life crises and seek support from their 401(k) plan through their “tier 2” services.

To discover all of the features the portal offers, learn how to reach the JCPenney Employee Benefits login page below.

Experienced employees already know how simple it is to gain access to their JCPenney Power Line account, but people who have just started working with the company might be in need of some assistance at the beginning.

You should have your login credentials prepared (User ID and password), look into the steps below and follow them in this order to access your JCPenney Power Line account: If you currently do not have an account for accessing your JCPenney Employee Benefits, you can easily create one on the website.

If a policy or procedure is difficult for an employee to find and it has not been specifically brought to their attention, it may not be reasonable for an employer to try to rely on it if a misconduct issue for not following a policy requirement comes up.

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