Consolidating itunes

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If you've been using Real Player to listen to music on your PC and decide to start using i Tunes, you may worry that it will be complicated to transfer your music from Real Player to i Tunes.

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But actually, it is a very straightforward process. Decide whether you want i Tunes to automatically copy your digital music files to an i Tunes folder.

When you first install and set up i Tunes, it may automatically search for your digital music files and add them to the i Tunes library. If you allow this, there will be two copies of each of your digital music files on your PC, doubling the amount of memory your files take up.

Now, your i Tunes media folder will be copied to your connected i OS devices or your computer.

This tutorial explains how to restore your entire i Tunes library, including your music, videos, and other media, as well as the library and settings files that contain your playlists, play counts, ratings, and comments.

Click Toolkit, then hit i Tunes Library, a window will pop up.

You can see the whole i Tunes Media Folders, including Music, Videos, Podcasts, TV shows, Audiobooks, and i Tunes U tabs.

To consolidate your files: Mac: From the menu bar at the top of your computer screen, choose , and select "Consolidate files." Then click OK.

On the Advanced tab: Select "Keep i Tunes Media folder organized" to put your files into folders based on artist and album, and to name your files based on the disc number, track number, and song title.

Step 1: Download Syncios i Tunes to i OS Transfer into your computer and connect your i OS devices to PC.

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