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When responding to a chat from Facebook, your agents should pick it up as fast as they would in the case of a normal chat.

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Consumers often turn to Facebook if they want to provide a testimonial or make a complaint.

Keeping track of the different types of feedback you get on your fan page will allow you to further improve your product or service.

You can add a Live Chat option to your Facebook Fan Page and have it show up next to your About or Photos sections.

Whenever someone accesses this option, a chat window from your Live Chat will open straight on Facebook. If you still don’t have one, we have a free, 30-day trial you can use to give Live Chat on your Facebook Fan Page a go.

Now, you need to make the live chat option more visible. Finally, you need to tie the app to your Live Chat license.

Click on the Live Chat with us tab (it should now appear as the first tab on your Facebook Fan Page), enter your Live Chat email and API key.

One way to do this would be to create a Google Sheets spreadsheet and list the feedback there.

You can group similar cases together whenever they come up.

The Facebook Connect integration allows your customers to log in to your chat using their Facebook profiles.

So instead of typing their email and name, they can simply log in with Facebook and proceed straight to chat.

Next, you need to select which Facebook fan page should have the Live Chat option.

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