spotting philippine dating scam - Creepy dating profile meme

Don’t use weird angles, unusual poses, or anything else to hide the true nature of your looks. Also, don’t choose a photo from the time you looked younger, thinner, or anything else.

Pay a photographer or pick a friend with a nice camera and get yourself a good, normal photo from the present.

Strange country folk music played in the background, images of farmers flashed the screen and in one version, a cartoon image of farmers popped up saying, “City folks just don’t get it! With the catchphrase “you don’t have to be lonely at Farmers,” the online dating site offers farmers and “country folk” the opportunity to match with likeminded suitors – that means no city girls.

Don’t come across as bragging, but definitely be a little cocky.

For girls, show the guys that you are pretty and that you’re a normal person who is open to dating guys. However, above all your profile must show that you are safe which means it can…

For guys, this means showing the girls that you are confident and successful.

Share how you are physically fit, you work a good job, that you speak your mind, etc.

This is important to a good dating profile and is actually related to the previous advice.

Pick a photo that is flattering, but make it normal.

Now we want to focus on one key to having a successful dating experience online: crafting a great profile. You’re trying to advertise to the other members of the dating community that you would make a good partner.

Basically, most men and women are looking for attraction, compatibility, and (usually) safety.

For men, a good guideline is to share anything that makes you look confident, manly, successful, and well-rounded. The same should be true of your online dating profile.

For the ladies, show that you are feminine, open, and approachable. Do banks include in their ads an entire paragraph about needing to be bailed out or unethical activities by their executives? Show the world the ways in which you are high value.

You’ll want to avoid anything that comes across as whiny or needy. A dating profile that resorts to begging or whining or sappy appeals will not get a man a date. Being creepy is a deal breaker for dating, especially in online dating where men and women are typically on guard.

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