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Identify who the evaluation audience or stakeholders are.The evaluation audience include the people or organisations that require an evaluation to be conducted.In order to answer evaluation questions, monitoring questions must be developed that will inform what data will be collected through the monitoring process.

An evaluation plan should ideally be done at the planning stage of a project, before you commence implementation.

This will allow you to plan ahead of time and data collection activities that you may need to undertake, such as pre-intervention surveys.

Download M&E Audience and Evaluation Questions Template Evaluation questions should be developed up-front, and in collaboration with the primary audience(s) and other stakeholders who you intend to report to.

Evaluation questions go beyond measurements to ask the higher order questions such as whether the intervention is worth it, or could if have been achieved in another way (see examples below).

A Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Plan is a guide as to what you should evaluate, what information you need, and who you are evaluating for.

The plan outlines the key evaluation questions and the detailed monitoring questions that help answer the evaluation questions.

audit of lighting types) or metering, or even literature.

You can then decide on the most appropriate method to collect the data from the data source.

Did the engagement method used in this project lead to similar numbers of participants as previous or other programs at a comparable or lesser cost?

Have the more expensive engagement approaches led to better results than the less expensive engagement approaches?

The plan should be able to be picked up by anyone involved in the project at anytime and be clear as to what is happening in terms of monitoring and evaluation.

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