Dating a schizophrenic we have been dating for 2 years

Guy's then discharged him with an aftercare plan that was 'virtually non-existent'.

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I'm lucky that he is a gentle soul, intelligent, relationship oriented, kind, loving and helpful.

The reason I mention those qualities is to point out, that having this condition does not necessarily make one unable to form a deep, lasting relationship with another.

He hasn't been hospitalised for over 5 years now (he's 32). Also I have begun to feel depressed over the last few months, I read today on an internet site that the partner of a schizophrenic is likely to develop depression, & a good support network is important. There are a lot of people that are nice and you can make some good friends and get some good advice. I thought the empathy issue was part of his condition, it didn't occur to me that this could be a personality trait. We went for coffee to try & talk things over, He wanted to meet at 3pm, as he 'had to have an early night because he had an early start at work the next day'.

He looks so much happier & healthy since we began seeing each other, & is more confident in himself. It sounds like you are walking on egg shells around him. I hope that things get better or you figure out what will happen. Around 6pm he received a phone call from his friends to find out what time they were meeting up for a drink(he doesn't take his meds when he drinks alcohol).

THE BLAME for allowing Christopher Clunis to kill Jonathan Zito would have to be shared by psychiatrists, social workers, the police, community psychiatric nurses, the Crown Prosecution Service, the probation service, hostel staff, and private sector care workers, the inquiry report said.

Mr Zito, a musician, was stabbed to death by Clunis at Finsbury Park Tube station in December 1992.

He doesn't have a great deal of empathy, I don't ever expect support if I'm going through a hard time, he just stays away (we don't live together).

We speak about his illness, I've asked him what it's like to see the world through his perspective, & what it feels like for him, but don't push him to talk about anything he doesn't want to- for instance, he's reluctant to tell me about the circumstances under which he was first sectioned/institutionalised, so I don't push. I think you have pointed out what I was thinking anyway.

However, he has great insight into his way of reacting, and usually if he retreats to sort things out (not easy, but he usually can manage to after a while) he'll be able to see where his thought process is misfiring.

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