Dating advice on egyptian men

I'm going by what I saw during my time in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Dubai, Turkey, muslim parts of Israel, Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco.

I enjoyed seeing a man in Egypt trying to sell a 12 year old girl he claimed was his daughter and the Saudi arabs who bought her.

Although I respect people's right to practice whatever religion they want, I would never be interested in marrying or dating a religious zealot or anyone who uses their religion/beliefs to dominate anyone (especially women/wives)...

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My brother in law was married to a Puerto Rican lady and they divorced (but this was mostly because she was 10 years his senior and actually had grandchildren while he didn't even have children yet) and another Muslim guy who was married to a Polish lady and they also divorced.

So I am not going to claim that everyone who marries a Muslim man has no problems and lives happily ever after.

This is America, though where we enjoy a pretty high divorce rate in general.

So bottom line, women think twice before marrying ANYONE.

like me, for example.”The CEO of Index on Censorship, Jodie Ginsberg, said people should be able to live their lives without fearing discrimination.“This is another worrying example of the way in which governments are using social media applications to spy on the activities of citizens and then punish them,” she said.

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One underground campaigner, known as Samia A, is quoted in the piece as saying: “Since October 2013, there has been a real manhunt for gay people in Egypt.“The police aren’t just targeting well-known gay hangouts, they are increasingly raiding homes when they think there is an LGBT party going on.“I think the new intensity of this repression is tied to the political situation in Egypt.

Since President [Abdel Fattah el-Sisi] came to power, he has wanted to show Egyptians that he is as conservative as the ousted Muslim Brotherhood.” Samia said that the support group offers help to an LGBT person when they're arrested and contacts lawyers who’d be able to help.“We also tell [our members] to be careful, to not give out personal information online and to avoid any applications that use geolocalisation like Grindr, Hornit, Scruff, Gay Dating, etc,” Samia added.

Granted, there are some Western brainwashed women who pretend to be happy with their arrangements and dear britishmuslim guy is trying real hard to portrait them (without much success I'd say).

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