Dating and marriage history

From Regency square dancing to secret Victorian drag balls, from the 1920s ‘turkey trot’ to the 1990s acid house rave scene, the vertical expression of the horizontal desire has rarely failed a trier.

Meeting a lady on the street in Victorian England was a fraught business.

As the etiquette manual put it, you were never to introduce a lady to a gentleman, but always the gentleman to the lady, and must never offer an umbrella to a woman on the street on the basis that “No lady would accept the offer from a stranger, and the other sort of person might never return the umbrella.” Middle-class Victorians embraced a complicated ritual of giving out calling cards, and of making home visits according to a strict etiquette.

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Stars such as Bette Davis, pictured above in a promotional portrait for the film ‘All About Eve’, were referenced by gay men and women in the 1930s to drop hints about sexuality.

(Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images) In the flesh, of course, the best seduction tool has always been dancing.

The Georgians were mad for ‘lonely hearts’ adverts, which they would write and post via newspapers including the , later in matrimonial gazettes, circulated around London’s coffee houses, while the Victorians settled on the idea of the marriage bureau, an agency designed to match the middle classes, via photos and details about their hobbies.

In the 1930s, gay men and women would use the fan columns of movie magazines to drop hints about their sexuality by referencing Hollywood stars such as Bette Davis and Montgomery Clift.

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