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This type of attack is very powerful, many times to powerful to handle on your own.When the spirit of harassment strikes, at first there will be an uneasiness that builds inside.

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It is the same when we are being attacked by evil, except we do it through prayer, and those prayers should be prayed daily.

There are many prayers, but the ones I have found most useful are from Father Gabriele Amorth. Father John Hampsch is another source for deliverance prayers that are very good.

These thoughts even wake me up at night; and are there in the morning.

The most difficult, though, is that these attacks are most prevalent during prayer, in adoration, during the consecration, and especially when I am about to receive Jesus in the Eucharist.

How to Fight an Attack There is so much we can do to protect ourselves, but most importantly, we must never stop praying or frequenting the sacraments.

I know from personal experience that if you do, you will get a reprieve from these assaults, but it is only a temporary. When a person feels attacked, they instinctively defend themselves.

He prays special prayers of deliverance of over me, and gives me the anointing of the sick.

When my priest recently prayed over me, I was very anxious. Once he anointed me, however, my whole body relaxed and my breathing even calmed down.

It may be a challenge to get the exorcism blessing, but have faith, pray, and you will find a priest that will do it.

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