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A fourth Pan-Asian line, connecting China with Singapore via Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia, is already under construction.

Proposals for lines running from China to Africa are currently being drawn up, the paper added.

Russia has already been thinking about this for many years,” Wang Meng-shu, a railway expert from the Chinese Academy of Engineering said.

We are happy to do it for you at no charge if possible under the rules.

If you qualify for a change, we have no additional fee to process your change for a small number of tickets.

The opportunity to book Trans - Mongolian, Trans - Siberian and Trans - Manchurian train tickets by full online system based on official, updated timetable and price.

Choose your destination and departure date, our website will tell you what you need to do to book your train tickets by our full online booking system. Train to Mongolia can obtain your Mongolia rail tickets and have these delivered to your hotel in Ulaanbaatar, Beijing and Irkutsk or home.

We can help with one way, round way, or multi-destination journeys within Mongolia, classic journeys such as the Trans Mongolian and also with journeys involving cross countries that border or have direct rail links with Mongolia - China and Russia.

Our cancelation and change policy is essentially based on that of the railway company.

He will stamp your ticket, which will allow you to exchange it.

When you arrive at your destination, go to the ticket counter to exchange your ticket for a later one.

If you picked up the tickets already, you need to go to the train station yourself to make these changes.

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