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Whether it’s going on lots of first dates that don’t lead to more or constantly finding yourself in a cycle of short-term relationships that don’t go anywhere; we will work together to identify what’s stopping you from getting into a healthy relationship.

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After all, no one is going to invite you to skip second period to have a smoke in the quad.

“The goal, as adults, is to be around people who share or have similar interests as you,” says Newport Beach, California-based psychotherapist Lisa Bahar.

Still, those friendships are important—especially because we all need a little help from our friends.

As adults, we’re tasked with creating those easy-to-come-by-when-we-were-kids friendship-building environments for ourselves.

These groups tend to huddle together and keep their eyes focused on each other only.

An open group, however, is made up of people who are animated, smiling, and occasionally glancing around outside of the circle.

Instead, strategically build the relationship, one encounter at a time.

“When you see a new acquaintance on another day, just pick the conversation up where you left off,” she suggests.

It can be particularly hard to forge new friendships at work, especially if you’re the boss.

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