pregnant after dating for two months - Dating culture in finland

EU statistics support this view, a recent survey indicated that Finnish companies normally pay their bills in 23 days.

Italians, at the other end of the scale, take 90 days.

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Finns are known to be hard-working and highly educated but their introverted nature and direct communication style can be confusing to newcomers.

Understanding Finnish society and culture is essential for successfully doing business Finland.

Finns firmly believe in the protection of democracy and civil rights and there is little difference between social classes.

– In both the professional and personal aspects of Finnish culture, Finns are self-sufficient and prefer to keep to themselves.

Introduction: Approximately 70 per cent of Finnish land is covered by forest and another 10 per cent is water.

Finland is famous for her 188,000 lakes – what is less well-known is that her territory also counts a total of 179,584 islands.That said, many travelers who have never been to this part of the world may be in for quite a culture shock.To prevent you from innocently stepping on some Finnish toes, here are a few social no-goes to be aware of. At first glance, the Finnish locals might appear almost hostile, but do not be deceived by appearances.The seemingly serious Finns have a dry but sharp and sarcastic sense of humor.Since they follow quite a bit of international news, the have strong opinions about events, so you can find yourself engrossed in stimulating debates if the opportunity presents itself.Gender issues: Finnish women are much more outgoing and approachable than the men and often command three or four languages.

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