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These rules help prevent duplication of names already in use or names of horses which enjoyed distinguished careers on the racetrack or breeding farm.

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The back of the Certificate of Foal Registration provides a number of blank spaces to record transfers of ownership when Thoroughbreds are bought and sold.

The Jockey Club encourages all breeders and owners to faithfully record ownership transfers on the back of the Certificate of Foal Registration before the Thoroughbred changes hands.

How can I get a pedigree and race record for my horse?

For a free 5-cross pedigree and to order reports such as race records and progeny records, visit, the online Thoroughbred information service of our subsidiary, The Jockey Club Information Systems Inc. For free entries, results, charts and other information, use the Horse Search feature at, the Thoroughbred industry�s official database for racing information.

What is the deadline to register a Thoroughbred foal?

Thoroughbred foals may be registered at any time provided all requirements listed in the Principal Rules and Requirements of The American Stud Book are satisfied.To avoid late fees, The Jockey Club should receive all materials within 12 months of the date of foaling.Registration fees cover the cost of genetic typing, parentage verification and corrections made to the Certificate of Foal Registration within six (6) months from the date of issuance.Behavioral matchmaking engines monitor the behaviour of thousands of users in order to spot common patterns.This knowledge is then used in helping you to find a match, without having to fill in lots of lengthy questionnaires and so on.When a match is made from a national DNA database to link a crime scene to a person whose DNA profile is stored on a database, that link is often referred to as a cold hit.

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