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The besieged Tang army lowered scarecrows down the walls of their castles to lure the fire of the enemy arrows.

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The basic story of dating hasn't changed in thousands of years - boy meets girl and they make a connection.

So why such sweaty palms if the dating game is so old?

The fiberglass mannequins are usually more expensive than the plastic ones, tend to be not as durable, but are significantly more impressive and realistic.

Plastic mannequins, on the other hand, are a relatively new innovation in the mannequin field and are built to withstand the hustle of customer foot traffic usually witnessed in the store they are placed in.

Fire and coastguard services use mannequins to practice life-saving procedures.

The mannequins have similar weight distribution to a human.

Dummies were also used in the trenches in World War I to lure enemy snipers away from the soldiers.

A CIA report describes the use of a mannequin ("Jack-in-the-Box") as a countersurveillance measure, intended to make it more difficult for the host country's counterintelligence to track the movement of CIA agents posing as diplomats.

During the 1950s, mannequins were used in nuclear tests to help show the effects of nuclear weapons on humans.

Shop mannequins are derived from dress forms used by fashion houses for dress making.

Mannequins are used primarily by retail stores as in-store displays or window decoration.

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