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The plaque is usually attached directly to the item of jewellery, or appears in the form of an oval hangtag.

After 2000, some new elements have been introduced, such as the annual Cruise collection, denoted by a C instead of an A or P.

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He appointed Victoire de Castallane to head up jewellery design, and she produced of the famous Chanel pieces that are so collectable and continue to inspire today.

She was employed from 1984 until 1998, an amazing creative period.

The signature at this time was simple, 'CHANEL' was stamped either directly onto the piece, or was attached via a hangtag, as shown above.

There was one small variation, for the Haute Couture pieces, and therefore those of the highest standard, three stars were also included immediately below the 'CHANEL.' It was also during this period that Chanel's collaboration with Robert Goosens began.

This First image shows that sometimes the signature plaque was attached directly to one of the pearls rather than added as a hangtag.

1990 - 1991 The dating system changed yet again in 1990.The plaque lost all reference to date, and simply shows 'CHANEL' along the top of the plaque, the CC symbol at the centre, and 'MADE IN FRANCE' BELOW.Pieces bearing this tag were produced for Season 1990/91.1993 Onwards In 1993, the dating system changed again, and it is largely the system that they still use today, with a few minor variations.From this date, Chanel introduced two annual collections to coincide with the couture catwalk shows, one in Spring, and the other in Autumn.Here is a genuine hang tag: Markings Since the 1920's, the House of Chanel has been producing some of the highest quality costume jewellery in the world, utilising the skills of some of the most famous and accomplished jewelers, including Augustine Gripoix, the Duke of Verdura, Robert Goossens, and Victoire de Castellane.

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