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Half the Roma girls in Moldova receive no schooling, only 20 per cent complete primary school, another 20 per cent finish a gymnasium, and only 10 per cent graduate from high school or university.

UN Women Moldova is working through various partners, including with the media to increase the visibility of positive role models from the Roma community.

A Roma family challenges cultural norms by refusing a reparatory marriage.

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Photo: UN Women Programme ‘Women in Politics’/Dorin Goian Svetlana*, 12, was walking home from school when a 17-year-old boy—a distant relative who visited her home sometimes—insisted to give her a lift in his car.

After that day, her mother Nona* would often find her crying.

This is a tragedy for our family and there is no way we can undo it,” says Nona. The unwritten rules of their community say that no other Roma man will marry her.

Local community traditions dictated that Svetlana describe her rape to a group of local women in excruciating detail.

The tribunal sentenced him to either marry Svetlana or pay a sum of money to her family for having stolen her virginity. What was the chance that such a marriage would last?

“We could not accept the money,” said Nona “My girl is not for sale. Our decision took the community by surprise, but we knew that what she needed most was for us to stand by her and let her stay with her family, surrounded by our love.” Svetlana’s family decided against reporting the crime to the police to protect Svetlana from further psychological stress, but unlike many other Roma girls, Svetlana continued going to school.

To fill the gap, UN Women, UNDP and the National Statistical Office have recently compiled a “Statistical Profile of Roma Women and Girls” [2].

The data and stories, such as those of Svetlana, collected through the initiative will inform future policies and actions.

Chisinau (Kish'E'Now) The capitol of Moldova, a former Soviet state. Also, I have no idea about how this place rates for black guys.

The country has 5 million people, one million of whom live in Chisinau. I have seen exactly two black people here and both were clearly Africans.

Fully one million live abroad and a big part of the economy is remittances, as in Mexico. I do have local friend who is Palestinian and a young dentist.

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