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Now let us look in more detail at each of the books themselves. The Gospel According to Luke, written by Luke, an associate of Paul (A.

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It is likely that John was aware of the other Gospels, because his was the last written (see below).

However, he was more concerned about recording what the others did not write about than what they did.

In order to be able to use the patristic traditions to glean information, we must have a clear understanding of how their traditions changed with time.

At the origin of a tradition, there is the true story. Those who see or experience the events (eyewitnesses) tell others (second-hand witnesses) about it.

Below are the most important church fathers with respect to the authorship and dating of the New Testament. He wrote a five book series, Interpretations of the Sayings of the Lord, which has now been lost except for quotations in later books, which are referred to as the fragments of Papias. It is the oldest list of the books of the New Testament. Mark's language is awkward or problematic in many cases.

For the most part, I will quote only these unless the record is thin or conflicting. The document itself is in bad shape, so for the most part it is difficult to interpret the absence of a particular book from this list. Both Matthew and Luke fix this language, but often in different ways. For my purposes I will look at the most relevant information from before A. Unfortunately, the questions of New Testament authorship and dating are not cut and dried. There is substantial variation in the writings of the church fathers.The church fathers did not have the current understanding of history and authorship. To determine New Testament authorship as best we can, we use the earliest of the patristic sources augmented by the internal evidence of the New Testament.The authors must have clear links to the eyewitnesses (or be eyewitnesses) to reduce the possibility of communication mistakes.We will learn that even in the most pessimistic, but rational, reading of the data, we come to the understanding that the authors of the New Testament are close enough to the events to be able to give an accurate picture of historical events.Before we can talk about what the New Testament says, we have to justify that what it says can be trusted.

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