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They may have or can direct you to, locations that have microfiche of old newspapers to study.

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Whenever possible we create tables of information, because it helps to have a visual timeline rather than having to read too much or get confused with too many dates and eras to keep straight in your/our head. This is the very first question to ask yourself about the specific photograph you are trying to date. If your photograph is in a case, read on, if not, you may move on to another question/description.

When we find articles or longwinded discussion on topics, we rewrite to use less words to say the same thing. The second question is, if it's not in a case, is it some type of metal?

As we learn more, we add on to this section of our site (always a work in progress). method also help to remember the meat of a topic "the bottom line".

Often in our research, we found conflicting information and we did our best to figure out which was correct. What information here, at hand is helpful in determining the decade of this image. see Photo Dating Service, we officially do this for you.

Tintypes were not always found in cases because they didn't need to be, they were sturdy.

It was just a photography tradition to put it in a box.

Here on our Genealogist Corner you can see a collection of photos from the 1800's.

To identify the date of your specific photograph effectively, you may need to study the history of the items in the photograph.

The invention of the sewing machine enabled factories to produce mass qualities of clothing.

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