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Innalibra said he tried online dating a few times but that 'it kind of feels like you need to have absolutely zero self respect for that to work out.' Rufio6 says: 'Jed Leland says: 'I've just stopped trying.I'm too awkward to connect with most people on a romantic level, and the times I have connected with someone, they've almost invariably turned out to be toxic in one form or other.

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She thought this spoke a lot to his character because no self-respecting New Yorker would ever suggest a New Yorkers work their goddamn asses off.

They have to, in order to afford to live here -- and I’m not just talking about rent.

Liz Newman is a freelance writer living in New York, and before you light her up in the comments, assures you she will never dare to call herself a real New Yorker.

MANILA - While she remained mum about the reason behind her split from Cavite Vice-Governor Jolo Revilla, actress Jodi Sta. The two, however, refused to elaborate, with Revilla saying that there is a right place and time to talk about his personal life.

In this honest tune, a smitten Rock carries a melody that rides over the beat in such a likable way that it might just persuade his love interest to hold it down.

Over email, Pn B Rock explained the inspiration for the song to The FADER: “I wrote this song about one specific girl who I was chilling with in the studio.There's a million different activities (booze) to spend your money on (booze), and cash basically evaporates from your wallet as you go from Point A to Point B.This very real work hard/play hard mentality is why dating can almost be viewed as a distraction to a New Yorker, and you can’t even really get mad about it.Today, Pn B Rock releases his new song "Selfish" where he slows it down to tell a the woman he's caught feelings for that she doesn't need anyone else.He charms her with compliments and praise and even though he knows he's not in a place to get serious, he doesn't want other guys to get close.Well, even though that was fake, 10 stops and a subway transfer constituting a long-distance relationship for a New Yorker is real. The longer someone's lived here, the more likely it is they've become extremely self-sufficient, and are therefore reluctant, to let others help them. One of the best things about living in a city like New York is you are literally surrounded by new, interesting, smart, attractive people constantly.

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