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“We’ve run several tests internally, and every single time we’ve tested lowercase it’s been a winner,” says Farley, about their use of all-lowercase subject lines.“I’ve also recommended it to peers and they’ve seen similar success.” With so many emails crowding a person’s inbox, one with all lowercase letters is bound to stand out.

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But Farley cautions, “as with all things email, you really have to test it to make sure it works for your company and with your audience.” While you want to include an intriguing subject line, the body of the email needs to deliver.

If the recipient actually opens your email and realizes they were the victim of a bait-and-switch, it’s only going to hurt your chances of winning their business. ’ and the first line of the message is ‘Our agency offers social media packages to….’ then you’ve already annoyed the person because your body doesn’t match your subject,” says Mike Evans of Relevant9.

“The result: I booked seven presentations during nursing week 2017, and earned $35,000 compared to last year’s $9,000,” she says.

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Follow these 15 rules to a tee and you’ll be mining connections like a pro in no time.

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“Don’t write too much,” Cody Nailor, marketing associate for museum tour platform Museum Hack.

“Once you’ve found the best person to contact, keep it short and sweet.

“You can’t expect someone to commit to an hour-long demo,” says Ryan Farley, co-founder and head of marketing and sales for Lawn Starter Lawn Care.

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