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Reading a book is not problem for me but to Purchase a book from USA is really a hard time for me. TOM you are right that backup and recovery is the main activity of a DBA.

Thanks for saying it Bad Idea as now I will try my best to implement RMAN to remove this bad idea. January 01, 2003 - am UTC 1) did you try the documentation?

2) the documentation tells you that a repository offers more features -- but is not a requirement 3) see #1 again please.

4- Recovery steps 5- I need some practice of it All the steps will be ok if I will get a proper document of it.

I have read from Oracle Manuals but unable to do all from there. I am anxiously waiting for your response as this will be a great achievement to implement RMAN.

It is all about the data -- lose the data and who cares how fast the system USED TO BE.

Backup and recovery is the single most important topic for a DBA.December 31, 2002 - am UTC and you forgot one thing "windows"....On Unix, LINEFEED (chr(10)) is the "end of line" marker. Give me grep, sed, awk and a good shell and I'm set to do whatever I need.By the way -- what is the POINT of backing up onto the same machine? In my opinion there is one thing the DBA cannot do wrong.the whole point of backing up is to get it ELSEWHERE. 5) well your current approach isn't going to be very workable in the real world. They can do almost everything else wrong but if they cannot master backup and recovery in a bullet proof way -- well, they just are not a DBA at all.January 02, 2003 - am UTC No -- in the UK the list should be (according to Amazon) US List Price: .99 UK Equivalent: £37.40 Our Price: £33.66 You Save: £3.74 (10%) you should only pay £33.66 at most (about ) which is the same price as over this side of the lake. Lots of symbols and then the word Oracle, more symbols then my name... Will let you know if the translation gets the ideas way too wrong (seen that in other translated tech books) I was recently talking to a friend that bought your book from India - Less than . 675 If Larry Ellison really wants to make Oracle more popular then im my opinion he should make multiple copies of this book available in Libraries accross the world.

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