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There was trade between the coast of southern Iran and India through the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea.

For a considerable period after their separation from their western kinsmen, the Indians and Iranians are believed to have lived together. The scriptures Vedas (of the Indian Aryans) and the Avesta (of the Iranians) both agree on the cause, which led to the migration of the Aryans from their original homeland (called Airyana Vaejo in Avesta).

In the Vedic account, it is a flood of water that is referred to and in the Avestan account it is a flood of snow and frost.

India is a Greek word written ' India in the Greek alphabet and pronounced Hindia.

It comes from Hindos 'the river Indus’ from the old Persian Hindu, the Persian pronunciation of the Sanskrit Sindhu.

The name of the person who escaped this disaster is Noah, according to them (more correctly Nuh as in Arabic which is a contracted form of Manuh, nominative form of Manu). In the Mosaic Age, Varuna, the remarkable ethical God of ancient India, was known to North Syria.” [14] In the 14th century BC, there appeared in North East Syria, a people called Mittani, whose kings had Indo-Iranian names and whose gods were very similar to the Aryan gods – Indara (Indra), Uruvna (Varuna), Mitira and Nasatiya.

In both Indian and Iranian versions, he is the son of the same person – Vivasvat or Vivanghat. Some other chiefs in Syria and Palestine also had Indo-Iranian names.[15] 7.

At Susa (west Iran) a few pieces of painted pottery have been found which appear to be similar to the wares of the Kulli people.

In the hills of Baluchistan, where the people of Nal and Zhob cultures built their little villages, the Barhuis, though ethnically now predominantly Iranian, speak a Dravidian language (spoken in South India).[4] 2.

They had a common homeland and share a common linguistic and racial past.

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