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Timber cribbing was also installed in shafts when the miners would encounter soft rock in the walls.

Experience shows that soldered cans are often so rusted at the soldered end."Swells." - Imperfectly sterilized foods often produce gas, which bulges the ends of cans and sometimes causes the can to burst.

This is more likely to occur in the case of those foods that contain the least acid and are most difficult to sterilize, such as corn.

The " sanitary " can is now used by the best packers.

In this can the food is hermetically sealed without the use of solder by a clever mechanical device which folds and compresses the overlapping edges of the top and sides of the can.

The date when packed should be stamped in the tin, as the word "sanitary" now is in some cans.

In order that the statement regarding grade of goods may not be misleading, it is necessary that trade names of grades have uniform significance for packers and that the use of the uniform grading methods and nomenclature be required by law.

Quantities of swelled cans are returned constantly to packers and distributors, and unscrupulous handlers of such goods are known to have returned them to the market by the process of puncturing the can along the side to allow the escape of gas, then re-heating, re-sealing, and re-labeling.

Such practice may be detected on opening the can by the presence of the punctured and soldered spot.

The shaft itself is a straight vertical drop of at least 180 feet down to some complex wooden cribbing.

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