Dating swinging circumcised

Why couldn't he just man up it would be best for him and our relationship?

I'm not wishing to get personal on any level here DD, but unless there are medical reasons involved, breast implants, as far as Im aware, are a matter of choice, and again the proceedures would be done post age of consent and not for religious reasons...

one of the points both Stormwalker & myself are making re circumcision...

If you are ok with that , get in touch My Ideal Person Open minded , well endowed men , clean shaven preferred , open to having photos taken , Married sexy open minded couples who dont mind my husband watching ONLY .

But one woman took her boyfriend requirements to a horrifying new level when she demanded that her partner of six months get circumcised - and mocked him for crying when he backed out of the procedure.

As far as sex is concerned there is no reason for me to think that one is less hygenic than the other as both hubby's were very clean. I say Why shouldn't people be allowed to follow the traditions and customs of their culture? A basic male circumcision performed by a medical professional surely can't be considered "mutiliation" anymore than having your adenoids removed. I didn’t make myself clear then, by “this” I was talking about circumcision, not swinging.

Firstly, it’s not just their customs its ours, that is, its a western thing too. The western world do plenty that other cultures would balk at. They are not mutilated anymore than women with breast implants etc ..

I cried when he had the bloodtest on his heel done by the midwife. Live and let perfectly normal for Jews, Muslims and many Catholics, to be routinely circumcised. I think it’s wrong to perform unnecessary medical procedures on children, I think it’s wrong to mutilate a childes sexual organs for no real reason.

Thinking about him having his bits chopped about would have just about finished me off. 1 belonging to my Ex husband, it was circumcised as already mentioned and one belonging to Stormy which is'nt. Do what you like to your self at 16 if you wish, just don’t do it to a child who has know choice in the matter Would you be so happy if for example we had a cultural bent to remove inner labia as a matter of course?

i think When I had my first baby I was married to a man from a Catholic family. Did'nt go to church every Sunday, but all the weddings, christenings and funerals were Catholic services including my wedding and my sons christening.

Also all the men and boys in the family were circumcised. It was'nt going to be the thing to do for my son I decided.

Girls as young as three undergo the process, but the age at which the operation is performed varies according to country and culture.

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