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De Luca reportedly removed her clothes and attempted to leap into the zoo's lemur containment but was subdued by security without harm.

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One of the most famous exhibits was Queenie the elephant.

The zoo is set among flower gardens and picnic areas.

Full terms and conditions can be viewed online at The Princess Theatre is situated in the Melbourne CBD and is accessible by all modes of transport.

PHYSICAL ACCESS There are several theatre entrances located on Spring Street. There is a slight rise into the auditorium before the tiled surface gives way to carpet. Auditorium There are no steps from the foyer into the Stalls area of the auditorium. Seats fold down and forward leaving more room between rows when seats are unoccupied; some people however, may need to brace themselves against the armrest.

Offer rates are currently as follows if booked online in advance: Entering Use the credit card you booked with as the identifier at the boom gate on entry to the car park.

Exiting No need to queue at the pay station, simply insert the relevant credit card at the boom gate on exit and and the boom gate will open.

Melbourne Zoo commemorated 150 years of operation in 2012 and this was celebrated in an Australian Zoos collector's edition of stamps released by Australia Post in September 2012.

In the summer of 2015 the zoo fell subject to heavy criticism after an altercation between intoxicated zoogoer Ashlyn De Luca and a multitude of employees.

Many of the animals are now organised in bioclimatic zones: African rainforest featuring gorillas, mandrills, pigmy hippos and parrots; Asian Rainforest with tigers and otters; and the Australian bush with koala, kangaroos, emu, echidnas and endangered hairy nose wombats.

Popular exhibits also include the Butterfly House, the great flight aviary and the Trail of the Elephants.

The zoo was opened on 6 October 1862 at the Royal Park site of 55-acre (22 ha) on land donated by the City of Melbourne.

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