Dating when you are morbidly obese

His shape and size won’t be featured on the cover of Men’s Health, but it’s the one I think of when I’m masturbating to something other than Ryan Gosling with an armload of kittens. And the basket of adorables I’m looking for on Tinder will fill out every inch of his husky jeans while remaining the funniest dipshit at the comedy joint I go to when I want free wings with a side of hepatitis.

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Do you think that James has to resign himself to accept that perhaps he can’t get the cream of the crop woman – thin, curvy, educated, cultured – on $65,000/year? Therefore, all you can do, Liz, is to be conscious of this, and make the best of your circumstances. I’m quite confident that things will turn around for you – the second you stop looking down on the men who do like you for you.

I’m not passing judgment either way, but I will point out that it’s a pretty similar comparison – one which illustrates, in stark terms, that life simply isn’t fair. It’s lazy dating advice telling you to lose weight to attract more men.

I love this comedian with a network sitcom and enormous moobs.

As a teenager, I was often teased by my friends for my attraction to gargantuan funny guys with little to offer below the neck.

That’s when I figured out if you want a fun guy who makes you laugh, you should reinforce your bed frame or stop dating forever, you high-maintenance bitch.

For me, there is nothing sexier than a guy with a giant belly, bigger tits than mine, and a cute little tiny penis.

However, I think it’s really important to be able to view issues from all sides.

My loyalty as a dating coach is to truth and reality – not to what’s fair or what’s right.

Do lots of women judge men on their financial status?

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