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The actual issues or struggles in the relationship may be different, but it doesn’t mean they love each other any less.

It doesn’t give anyone a right to stereotype, and it’s harmful to make assumptions.

Especially nowadays when the internet makes almost all popular culture widely available, there is nothing to suggest that someone will be limited by the era that they grew up in.

While the Daily Mail reports that 20% of divorces are due to age discrepant relationships, that swings both ways, stating that one in five couples who divorce have at least a seven year age difference.

Just when you think ‘cougar’ is the go-to term for ladies with a penchant for younger men, along comes another term to wrap your head around.

This time it’s WHIPs – “Women who are Hot, Intelligent and in their Prime”, and leading the charge is Bibi Lynch.

Despite the gap in ages, people are able to find common interests over any period of time.

Someone doesn’t have to be around when the Beatles were popular to think that they’re a great band.

Some cougars might love Ke$ha or Rihanna or any of the other music that is popular right now.

To say that interests are specifically limited by age is more than a little naïve.

They’re also there to guide them and give them the advice of someone who has been there, done that already.

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