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Contact Information Email: [email protected](Ron maintains the Cooper and Villiers engine registers, and would especially like to hear from anyone with engines not already registered) If anyone else out there would like to contribute information or pictures about Cooper, Sunbeam and allied companies please make contact on the link below Type K 2hp @ 550 rpm, S/N KA163378. This is most likely one of the last engines with the type shown separately from the serial number.

This is a fascinating and complex history of three companies and how they are connected.

Wm Cooper & Nephews in the USA were basically a marketing company of their sheep dip.

If I recall correctly, the one piece valve cover makes it '21 or later.

If it does not have two bosses with threaded holes at the bak of the block near the mag post on the transmission cover, it's '25 or earlier. If it matches most of the numbers on the block, it might be the original number. The cast and machined boss where the serial number is stamped is odd for a 1919 and later engine - usually they are wider with a narrow "neck" going down to the water inlet?

Serial numbers, models, any information on any product built or sold by AH Mc Donald & Co. 0427 343 763(Not a club), helps Howard enthusiasts seek out other individuals, locating parts, literature and assistance within its own membership network. Contact Co-ordinator, Robert Moore, Ph/Fax (02) 6845 3279.

John Touzel, 6 Sanders Lane, Korumburra, Vic 3950 Ph.

I have looked through the forums to find different methods of dating the engine.

I have look for a casting date on the block, but there isn't one there.

In 1895 demonstration shearing machinery was taken by railroad around the Intermountain states and setup in feed yards by the railroad.

I wonder if engineers from CFS Co traveled with this machinery and set it up?

Type TB is in front of serial number, this type plate was used until 1948/50 when the last TBs were sold. 1813 - William Cooper born and at age of 20 in 1833 he was farming and practicing as a Farrier like his father and grandfather.

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